About Us

In an apparent volte-face, The Cover story of The Economist newspaper of December 3, 2011 edition, with the bold inscription, ‘The Hopeful Continent: Africa Rising’ as opposed to the March 11, 2000 titled “Hopeless Africa”  may have offered a beacon of hope about the steady progress of Africa, but sadly a critical appraisal of existing reality, still validates the “Hopeless” submission 18 years down the line.


The dynamics that characterize the Africa we see, is such as growing inequality, increasing opportunity gap, massive unemployment, and widespread poverty. Most galling is the growing disconnect between the political elites and the masses. A situation that has continued to breed resentment for governance at all level, bringing about credibility deficit and low approval rating for government across board.


Citizens consistently lose abiding faith and confidence in the existing status quo, they believe that the existing political configuration does not work for them and the subsisting economic framework only works for the few powerful political elites. Clearly, effective governance has been in short supply and they are continuously fed on heavy doses of frustration.  HOPELESSNESS


Our Challenges may appear manifold and profound, they only require our collective attention, deliberation, and action.


After a critical assessment of the present turn of events, I have a conscious awareness that transformational leadership would be crucial to Africa’s rebirth. The Mantra would then be, Inspiring Active Citizenship to bring about responsible leadership!


The trend today is to believe that Politics and governance change nothing, but change will only come when ordinary people, get involved, come together and demand it.

But in this time of peril, we need a critical mass of active citizenship who understands that none of us has all the answers, and no one person can fix our problems alone unless we all roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.


The great arc of human history bends towards people coming together in ever greater numbers — from tribes to cities to nations — to achieve things that can’t be achieved alone!



MACAA is committed to promoting responsible leadership viz balancing the demand schedule of citizenship by shaping a new generation of citizens, who are constantly involved and engaged for the greater good.


MACAA believes in the ” specialness” of Millennials as a recipe for a lasting, political, social and cultural change, by transforming the dynamism and specialness of African Millennials into a positive source of energy that contributes to the development of their community, country and region.


Compared to previous generation, more specifically, Gen X and Boomers, Millennials are first generation to grow constantly connected to the world and fully immersed in a world of digital technology. MACAA is committed to leverage on digital technology to promote consistent citizen participation to give voices to a wider spectrum of Millennials across the continent.


Explore new possibilities by pushing beyond the status quo to ever wider circles of inclusion and promote consistent citizen engagement as a fundamental etho of modern democratic governance.


Improve Millennials confidence in the process, to believe in the value of political engagement and convince them that government can be a powerful force for good.


Strengthen and deepen democratic governance by promoting instinctive public service accountability.



Just like Stephen R Covey in his 8th Habit, the most important habit of the 21st century is the habit of helping people find their voice so that the person of conscience knows that it is their duty even at the risk of personal loss to speak truth to power.

The mandate is clear, we want to help Millennials find their voice, unlock the power of the citizen and inspire Africa’s new tribe.



Our Projection is that in 5 Years, MACA would become one of the leading civil society organizations in Africa and in 3 years, MACA networks would have been established across major states in Nigeria.



As a network, we believe that the challenges before us are immense, but we are not letting it dampen our spirit, instead, we are becoming increasingly determined to work together to demystify these challenges.


Millenials have been brought up in an atmosphere of equal relationship and co decision making and a sense of community “we can fix it together”, that to us is our greatest strength.